Rugby player Henry Slade says No to Covid-19 Vaccine

Updated: Jun 3

Henry Slade has decided he will NOT take the Covid-19 jab at this time. Henry, who also suffers from the auto-immune condition, Type 1 diabetes, says he has not had good reactions to vaccinations in the past and with this in mind, has made his decision to decline the Covid-19 jab. He stated he is 'fit and healthy' and doesn't feel like there has been enough testing done on the safety of a vaccine.

"I don’t think it [vaccination against Covid] has been going long. There is no way of knowing what could happen with it in the future. I am perfectly fit and healthy. I don’t fancy it at all."

"I have had vaccines in the past and have fallen pretty unwell with them afterwards. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the diabetes or not. I am going to stay away from this one.”

Much unjustified criticism was then aimed at him and he has been branded selfish by many journalists for his decision. But are they right in what they are saying? Or are they wading in on a decision that is none of their business? And they inciting hatred by their choice of words? At the end of the day it's Slade who will live with any consequences of that treatment, if anything were to go wrong. So isn't he allowed to make this choice? And is it irresponsible for the Media to lob so many public insults at him? Sources: Statemen & Pic: Exeter Chiefs