If we already have a cheap and highly effective treatment for Covid-19, why is it not being used?

Updated: Jun 3

Partnering with worldwide clinical experts, BIRD Group (British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group) is shining a light on the growing body of research showing that Ivermectin is a safe, effective medicine that could be used to treat Covid-19 patients.

Although ivermectin is licensed in the UK, it cannot be prescribed for Covid-19 until it receives UK Government approval. Many doctors outside of the UK who were involved in the SARS outbreak have been successfully using Ivermectin to combat the disease - resulting in less deaths and more patients recovering faster. One of those doctors is Dr Pierre Kory who has founded the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). According to Kory the key is in treating patients at early onset of symptoms and using much higher doses if treating someone with advanced Covid-19. Whilst Western Governments say they are running trials of the drug (including the UK), those trials appear painfully slow with trial parameters questionable.

Dr Tess Lawrie has campaigned tirelessly, wrote and made a video appeal to the UK Govt to consider Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment as a matter of urgency. She has been waiting for a reply since January 2021! So when FLCCC, BIRD and other experienced medical professionals are saying they have have confidence in using this drug which is tested, cheap and available in huge quantities with a long standing impeccable safety record; one has to question why th UK Government is dragging it's heels on the isssue, or worse!

The story of Ivermectin goes back 40 years as an incredibly effective anti-parasite drug with a robust safety record. So remarkable it has been in ridding populations of various diseases that its inventors won Nobel prizes for their work.

The WHO have included it on their ‘List of Essential Medicines’ for parasitic infections and to date approximately 4 billion doses have been given with very few serious adverse events.

If the UK were to give approval, it would save more lives and give confidence for many countries to authorise for their own populations, reaching some of the poorest and disadvantaged worldwide."