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Right now you may feel overwhelmed, confused and maybe even slightly panicked about how you can support your children's learning when there's so much fear and disruption to their education. 

You may be worried about the effects extended coronavirus measures and the media and Government's fear-based campaigns are having on their mental, emotional and physical health?  You may question whether they still enjoy learning and the quality of the learning they're getting?  Whether they're still building knowledge and developing confidence in their abilities and skills? Do they feel they're heard and valued, or are they becoming withdrawn?


Whilst we have no magic wand in the short-term we can signpost you to a few useful resources to try and help. This is a major focus for FutureZ - something we will be building on regularly as we discover and connect with newly launched solutions across the UK.  

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New Earth
Education Resources

What are your options if you decide to educate your child outside of the state system? Can there be a better way that's also affordable?


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