When you want to be more involved in the design of your child's education, where do you start?

Home Schooling is probably the first option that springs to mind, but is it the only one and is it suitable to you and your child? 

Looking at discussion boards, teachers and parents are  increasingly exploring alternative workable solutions - such as community based shared-schooling.  Of course, running along side these new concepts are various well-established online providers and services.

Below is a selection of providers we are aware of - that could inspire your research and help you better assess your options. 

We musts point out here, however, that we are not affiliated nor do we endorse any of the below listed organisations.  We encourage everybody to do their own detailed research and make the best decision for them and their child. 

Online "Virtual Lesson" Schooling

Interhigh logo.png

A fully interactive British education to the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Their online school offers Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and A Level courses, delivered by expert teachers - offering everything you expect from a school, plus a whole lot more!


Online learning which brings the British Education System to young people world-wide, delivering live lessons fro KS2 to A-Level.

Community-based Schools

freedom education logo.jpg

Founded in early 2021, Freedom Education UK connects free-thinking parents and teachers in an alternative education system based on family values, practical knowledge, truth, personal responsibility and common sense!



The NCS Project is a revolutionary act in the education of our children and young adults. This is building community schools, run and led by the parents and educators of the local area. Protected by Common Law Courts enforcement. 

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