When you are having problems with school and getting no resolution, The Workers Union may be able to help!

Are you being asked to do something which you think is immoral, wrong or dangerous to you, your child and other people. Do you feel you are being coerced, intimidated, isolated or discriminated against?

The Workers Union of England, Wales and Scotland are fully independent and may be able to help you!  

For the last 18 months The Workers Union has worked tirelessly to support School Teachers, Nurses and other employees who have faced discrimination and harassment from their employers. Many of these employees have been let down by the larger Unions; their voices unheard and their health concerns dismissed. 

Being focused on the rule of law and not political affiliations, The Workers Union is successfully using legislation to put matters right for their members. They are now offering this valuable support service to parents who feel their schools are letting them and their child(ren) down, providing advice and direct help. 

The Workers Union are also working closely with FutureZ to create effective solutions to remedy the current situation.

If you feel you would like extra legal support and can afford it, please consider becoming a member/donating to The Workers Union.