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The UK medicines regulator, MHRA signed off emergency temporary
use for the Pfizer jab for 12-16 yr olds on 4th June 2021.  


So the clock really is now ticking for you to do your homework and find the truth!  You may soon be faced with a mountain of highly persuasive Government marketing asking you to make a decision that could massively affect the future quality of your life - because the longer-term side effects are unknown.

The Health Regulator in America is already reporting serious side effects in young people concerning heart conditions, something that Israel has also been reporting, yet Government's are still pushing for young people to get their jabs. There is also unusually high levels of vaccine side effects being reported globally for all mRNA jabs. So why would the UK Government not stop with roll out of their vaccination plans until further research is done into the situation in the US and Israel?

Let's switch on our critical thinking and look at some facts...

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Let's check if it might be #safertowait!

"If I catch COVID-19, how scared should I be?"

"Is all the testing I’m doing worth it?"

"Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe?"

"Should I get the jab to protect others?"

"Vaccines protect us from pandemics. Aren’t they a good thing?"

"How do these vaccines work?"

"Can I say no to being vaccinated if my parents give consent?"

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Ivermectin is a long established medicine with an impeccable safety record that's proving to be effective in the fight against Covid. BIRD is campaigning to get the drug approved for use with Covid-19 patients in the UK. Doctors who have been trialling using this drug in BIRD and FLCCC in the US have found it extremely effective in also alleviating long covid symptoms. 



HART is a not-for-profit group of doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, formed in 2020. Their aim is to widen the scientific debate among policy makers, expert colleagues, the media and the public by providing relevant scientific evidence in accessible forms, for a variety of audiences.  


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