How do these vaccines work?


First up ... it's important to know that these vaccines are not like the normal vaccines we are used to. Actually they shouldn’t even be called vaccines because officially they are named ‘gene therapies' [1]!


The Covid-19  ‘vaccines’ all use mRNA (messenger RNA) which is a different and new type of biological technology that has never been used in humans before [2].


These ‘mRNA vaccines’ put a code into your cells so that the cell makes something called a ‘spike protein’ which is similar to the spiky bits found on the surface of the covid-19 virus. Once your body detects the spike protein, it can begin its immune response and make fighting cells (antibodies) against the pretend covid spike.


The AstraZeneca Covid-19 'vaccine' uses a bit of chimpanzee - yep chimpanzee - cold virus that scientists have inserted DNA for the covid spike into. When someone gets jabbed, the bit of chimp virus goes into your cells and your cells download the covid spike DNA code. This programmes your cells to launch mRNA code, which makes the spike protein. 


So, the AstraZeneca vaccine is not like ‘normal’ vaccines either. It also uses mRNA code to replicate the spiky bits of covid virus in your body.