Vaccines protect us from pandemics. Aren’t they a good thing?


Normally, vaccines protect us from infectious disease, but the covid-19 vaccines are a new type of vaccine that are completely new to humankind - they have never been tested on humans before! We don’t know how good they are in the long run because they are still in the experimental stage with no long term data.


Think about this: these vaccines are still in clinical trials. People who take it are the test subjects. People who don’t are the control!


Also, trials do NOT show that these vaccines can save people’s lives or stop the spread and transmission of covid-19 [1].  A medical magazine, the British Medical Journal, said that the Pfizer vaccine is only between 19-29% effective [2]. That’s way off the 95% figure, that all the newspaper headlines were banging on about.

So if healthy kids don’t get bad covid-19 symptoms AND we don’t know if these jabs will stop the covid-19 pandemic, then we have to ask:  what is the point of taking an experimental vaccine that is showing short-term side effects [3] and has no long term safety data?


There are too many questions. We don’t know if the vaccines will or have stopped the pandemic.

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