Should I get the jab to protect others?


Some people think the answer is yes. But the logic here is pretty dodgy.


First up…

The jabs were never designed to stop you spreading Covid

They don’t even stop you catching it. All they’re supposed to do is give people an easier ride if they do get it.[1]


A recent study suggests the jabs might reduce spreading by about half – but there’s still no conclusive evidence.[2] Maybe they’ll stop people spreading it a bit? Not according to a recent study by MedRxiv [3] where they conclude: 

“We find no difference in viral loads when comparing unvaccinated individuals to those who have vaccine “breakthrough” infections. Furthermore, individuals with vaccine breakthrough infections frequently test positive with viral loads consistent with the ability to shed infectious viruses. Our results, while preliminary, suggest that if vaccinated individuals become infected with the delta variant, they may be sources of SARS-CoV-2 transmission to others”

So again ...why is there such a rush to vaccinate healthy young people with a treatment that's still in trial when it doesn't look like it works and we don't know what the long term health consequences are?


Whether you get the jab or not, Covid-19 is here to stay.


Even if EVERYONE on the planet gets the jab, it still won’t sod off.


Someone somewhere will always be catching it. Some people will probably die with it. But NONE of that is ever on you.


If you want to get the jab, do it for your own health and future. Not anyone else’s.