Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe?


No vaccine is 100% safe – they all come with risks. So it only really makes sense to have it if getting the disease is more dangerous than getting the vaccine. If you’re young and healthy, your immune system is buff enough to fight COVID-19 without too much trouble.


So far in the UK, 1,645 people have died after having the COVID-19 vaccines.[1] At the time of writing, there have been 1,196, 813 adverse events (or side effects).

The following adverse events have been reported so far[1]:


  • 15,465 acute cardiac events

  • 1,125 severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis)

  • 19,308 blood disorders

  • 26,996 infections

  • 11,121 cases of herpes

  • 110,173 headaches

  • 19,849 eye disorders

  • 286 cases of blindness

  • 80,460 skin disorders

  • 552 stillbirths/spontaneous abortions

  • 689 cases of facial paralysis

  • 24,955 psychiatric disorders

  • 239,714 nervous system disorders

  • 11,354 tremors

  • … and on, and on…[2]


The UK’s Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that tracks these numbers argues that this might just be coincidence. Well, maybe - but even they can’t rule out the possibility that these many, many side effects and deaths are directly caused by the vaccines.

The MHRA themselves even state that only up to 10% of serious reactions are ever reported, so we can assume that there may be a lot more adverse effects from the vaccine that we don’t know about [2]


Do you really want to put something into your body that may cause so many serious reactions?

But didn’t they just say the Pfizer vaccine is safe for 12-15 year olds?


Yeah, about that…


  1. Young people are getting permanent heart damage after the jab. In the U.S., 226 young people have ended up in hospital with inflammation of the heart.[3] That’s a big deal. The heart can’t restore itself like the liver can – so those kids now have damaged hearts that could seriously affect their health in the future. There have been similar cases in Canada and Israel – and there have been cases here in the UK too.[4]

  2. Some of the Pfizer trial participants got blood clots in the lungs. The Pfizer trial took 2,000 12 to 15 year olds and gave half of them the vaccine. Some got blood clots in the legs… two ended up with a pulmonary embolus, blood clots in the lungs.

  3. Fourteen under 17 year olds in the US have died from Covid-19 Injections.  In the US, where these "vaccines" have been rolled out to 12-18 year olds for many months now there's much more test data available for checking "safety”. 

    In fact, in August 2021, the US regulatory body - the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) completed a study which looked at fourteen 12-17 year old deaths [5] Among the decedents, four were aged 12–15 years and ten were aged 16–17 years. All death reports were reviewed by CDC physicians. Cause of death were:

    2 x pulmonary embolism (blood clot)
    2 x suicide
    2 x intracranial hemorrhage 
    1 x heart failure
    1 x hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and disseminated Mycobacterium chelonae infection; and
    6 x unknown or pending further investigation records.


Do these "vaccines" sound safe to you?

No wonder Germany’s vaccine advisory committee rejected the Pfizer vaccine for healthy 12-17 year olds.[6]

What could be the long term risks of taking the jab?


Nobody knows. Seriously – no one has a clue what might happen to your body years after having the jab. That’s because the vaccines haven’t been around long enough.


Three fast facts


  • The vaccines are still in clinical trials right up to the end of 2023

  • They’ve only been given emergency approval, not full approval

  • Their technology has never been tested on humans ‘til now


In other words, the vaccine roll-out is a giant human experiment. Whoever takes the jab is effectively a guinea pig.


Some medical experts are seriously worried that vaccines could affect children’s health in the future. They don’t think kids or teens should take the risk, especially since they’re at such a low risk from COVID-19 itself.