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Our Mission...

 “To work together to inspire and create a more positive education system. One where learning is aligned with the future job world and a young person's unique, natural interests and abilities so when they enter the world of work they are motivated, happy, confident and well-prepared!”

Our Movement...

Filled with like-minded young people, parents and grand-parents, we are passionate about giving a voice to young people who are concerned about their school and education.

Together we shine the light on topics of concern that mainstream media and Governments chose not to show.  From the overly zealous coronavirus measures to the ever increasing
 deeply bureaucratic and overly focused culture of  “obedience to rules” which dulls the learning experience for most young people and lets down entire future generations.

We are passionate about creating high quality, next generation education options which focus on creating well-rounded, skilled young people who are empowered to make good decisions and be effective in their world of work. 


We are at the start of our journey and growing fast across the whole of the UK. 

If you feel like you might like to join us, click below!

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Parent's Resources

Essential resources & guidance to help concerned parents discover alternative education options and support for children who may require extra emotional support.

Teen Hub

[Coming soon]

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FutureZ Statement on "Anti-Vax" Misinformation Reports & Articles

For any media outlet, "fact-checker" or individual making any assumption that we are Anti-Vax, our position is given in an open letter below.  We are not Anti-Vax and we will not tolerate misleading or slanderous articles about our movement or our people.